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    Good Information & Frequently Asked Questions


    What is the purpose of the Homeowners Association

    Your HOA is a group of non-compensated volunteers, elected by the homeowner membership to manage the day-to-day affairs of the community. Typical issues/topics are maintenance of common grounds, mowing, tree planting and maintenance, sprinkler systems maintenance on common grounds, maintenance of signage and lighting throughout the community. In addition, we attempt to resolve covenant-based complaints between individual homeowners. There is also an Architectural Control Committee whose purpose it is to maintain the conformity of the dwellings as prescribed in our covenants. 

    What are covenants?

    Quite literally, covenants are a set of binding agreements; a compact. They are a set of common rules which are applied to all members of the covenant group, (e.g. our homeowners group).

    Why do covenants exist?

    Covenants are designed to maintain the community vision and conformity established by the developer after their direct control of the community is relinquished. Covenants also afford the homeowner some level of protection from others in the community who might choose to take actions leading to degradation of the community.  

    Who gives the homeowners association the authority to act on covenant rules?

    The existence of the homeowners board is outlined as a fundamental component of the covenant document. When you purchase property in a covenant community, your realtor should notify you of that fact. When you go through closing on your property, you should have received a set of these covenant restrictions; or at least information about the covenants that apply to your property. When you take ownership of your property, you are automatically bound by the covenant agreement.

    Do I have to be a member of the Reflection Ridge Homeowners Association?

    If you own property in the Reflection Ridge development, you are obligated to pay association dues, and to be subject to the covenant restrictions for the community.   

    Do I have a choice about complying with the community covenants.

    No. As a property owner in the community, you are bound by the covenant restrictions.   

    How can I learn more about the Reflection Ridge Homeowners Association?

    The RRHOA has an annual meeting each fall, when officers are publicly elected for the next term. We encourage resident participation in that event. You may also contact any member of the RRHOA Board of Directors directly with your questions and comments. We always need additional input and help; for special projects and committees. That is a great way to learn how the community functions, and to see if you'd like to participate more fully. The RRHOA Board members would like to hear from you...

    If I don't have a set of the covenants, how can I get a copy?

    Navigate to the "Covenant Documents" page on this web site. You will find information on locating the correct set of covenants for your home. Once you locate the proper document, you will be able to view, print, and download from this site.   

    I have a building project at my home. What should I do?

    Generally, projects on the interior of homes are not a concern for the RRHOA Architectural Committee or the covenants. Conversely, nearly all projects involving the exterior of your property are of interest to the committee; and require evaluation and approval before work begins. If your project is small, this process may be handled by phone many times. More involved projects require plans, and review by the committee. In either case PLEASE contact the Architectural Committee before beginning work. 

    Painting, roofing, fences, patios, gazebos, swimming pools, sidewalks, window replacements and room additions are all common examples of project which need to be reviewed and discussed with the architectural committee before any work begins.  

    There is a lot of information available on the "Architectural Committee" page on this website.

    What standards are enforced by the Architectural Committee?  

    The purpose of the Architectural Committee is to maintain the existing style and continuity of the community. This is many times a more subjective process than we would like, but great care is taken to apply the same evaluation processes to every case. In particular, we strive to maintain conformity in exterior paint colors, roof materials and color, landscaping, drainage, and alterations to structures through the community. For more information, go to the "Architectural Committee" page on this website.

    How can I submit comments and suggestions for the RRHOA website?

    Send your comments and suggestions to individual members of the Board of Directors, or a Committee Members using the email addresses listed on the Board of Directors page.  You may also use the email template on the right-hand side of the website screens to have your email forwarded to the entire Board and all Committees.  

    How can I learn more about the Reflection Ridge Golf Club?

    You can find out about our community golf club at: